Wake Up Call

Aug 28, 2019 | Sushilspurs11

"It doesn’t justify that performance today or the result. But we have an unsettled group for different reasons and different personal circumstances"

Mauricio Pochettino

PositionTeam​Points​Goal Difference​Goal
​1Manchester City​43​​+27​33
​3Aston Villa​34​+16​29​
​4Norwich City​31​+10​31​
​5Sheffield United​29​+12​22​
​7Crystal Palace​26​+5​26​
​10Leicester City​25​+7​23​
​11Newcastle United​23​+4​22​
​12West Ham United​23​+1​24​
​13Wolverhampton Wanderers​21​0​15​
​14Manchester United​19​-3​19​
18Tottenham Hotspur​15018
​20Brighton & Hove Albion​13​-13​11​

 The above statistics sums up the recent form of Tottenham Hotspur in the premier league. We have just won four out of our last fifteen games in the League and this may be the wake-up call before it’s late this season.

Last season we finished inside top four but we were lucky. Because along with us other club like Arsenal and Manchester United also struggled with their form.

The struggle started from the Game week 27 of 18/19 season. The form of the club was fine until the game against Burnley in Turf Moor. From that game we are unable to lift up both our game and form.

The problem with our game is we keep a lot of possession but we lack creativity and end results in the final third. We build up our game from the back we move ball up to the final third and from there again we move sideways and back.

We show no movement in the opposition box, we don’t test the opposition keeper so often, we don’t put pressure on the opposition defence by supplying crosses and long balls.

The opposition team is happy to give us possession, they sit deep and defend. They hit us on counter, our defence don’t need to deal with many attacks but when they need to deal they are unable. Every team playing against us are now doing the same sitting deep and hitting us on counter.

The scenario was similar at the ending stages of the last season and nothing has changed this season also.

The win against Aston Villa was not convincing, we were lacking creativity until the introduction of Erkisen. The draw against city we were lucky and we utilized the two opportunities we created. The situation against Newcastle was again similar we kept possession they took three points.

Christain Eriksen is the master of creator in the midfield but he is looking for a move. In the opening game of the season he was on the bench and changed the game after entering the field. International transfer window will close this month and Eriksen may not be Spurs player after that, it’s not certain until now. If he leaves then it will be hard to replace him.

Dele is another creator in the team but he is out due to hamstring and is in the process of returning. Hope he changes the situation when he plays.

Kane looks shadow of himself, he is not back to his best. It seems like he is lost and has lost his finishing touch. But it may be due to lack of the service provided to him from the midfield and full backs.

It’s early to judge the performance of new players but Ndombele looks the player we are looking for. His display in the opening two games were perfect and was missed against Newcastle due to injury.

Ndombele celebrates his debut goal against Aston Villa / Photo Source: Google

Lo Celso has just played 40 minutes of Premier League and needs more time to adapt. Sessegnon is still injured.

 We have problems with our full backs they are unable to put the crosses in the box and Walker peters in the right lack experience.

In the latest press conference Pochettino said: “I think this is my sixth season and it is the most unsettled group we are working with”.

Photo Source: Google

“Some situations we cannot fix. Nothing to say about that, situations that are going on in the squad. Still we need to wait. I cannot find excuses because the transfer window is open”.

“It doesn’t justify that performance today or the result. But we have an unsettled group for different reasons and different personal circumstances”.

According to the gaffer the results are the outcome of unsettled squad and the main reason for this unsettlement is transfer window that is still open in Europe and his players linked with a move away.

Hope the problem of settlement of squad will be solved after the 2nd September and it will help in uplifting the team performance.

Or may be its time to change our game play, our game play has been predictable and every team are taking the advantage of that. We are lacking our natural attacking game and may be its time to play our natural game again.

Recently Pochettino has been talking about the painful rebuild and may be it is the right time for his Painful Rebuild.

Next week is massive as we travel to Emirates for the first North London derby of the season. This match may be the perfect one to awake the desire and hunger of the players and the whole team through their performance.