It was Spursy Again

Oct 19, 2020 | Sushilspurs11

Football .....Football Happened

Jose Mourinho

New season different mindset but still same old Tottenham Hotspur, you can’t predict this team and you have to be sure that you don’t loose your cool when you watch them playing.

Comfortable three nil lead till 80 minutes of the game and suddenly the team crumbles and concede three goals within ten minutes and you have no choice rather than accepting the result with heavy heart at the final whistle.

That’s football and against Westham like Jose said Football… Football Happened with Tottenham Hotspur.

That´s not what the team wanted, that’s not what we wanted, that’s not how the team looking to compete for the titles crumble.

Here we have few talking points from that dramatic game against the Hammers:

Harry Kane a Complete Team Player
Scoring goals, assisting teammates and defending that’s what Harry Kane is doing this season and that’s what a complete team player does. He is not showing any signs of slowing down as he is getting only better and better.

It was a perfect playmakers long ball which he threaded from which Son opened the scoring, for his own first goal its was a perfect striker´s leap to head the ball and to deny Westham just before the halfway it was a perfect defenders slide which he produced after running back from the halfway line.

He scored two, bagged an assist and was everywhere on the pitch, the result of the game was not fair for the performance he demonstrated but sometimes football can be cruel and same happened with Harry Kane, the Mr perfect.

Once Again Clueless on Setpieces
Its been a long time since we found ourselves comfortable while dealing with set pieces and direct balls in our box. We are unable to defend those and as result to that we concede so many goals. It happened against Newcastle and against Westham also same thing happened. We surrendered three nil lead to hammers just because we were unable to deal with their set pieces. This situation needs to be changed asap otherwise we will see the same scene repeating again and again. No one is to be blamed individually but some of the players like Sanchez, Winks and Reguilon could have done better in those situation but as a team everyone should take that responsibility.

Not a Debut to Remember
It was a special day for Tottenham board, team and fans as Gareth Bale was set to play in Tottenham colours after seven and half years. It was going well for Tottenham dugout and Gareth Bale but the game had other plans to spoil what was going to be a memorable comeback for the Welshman.

When the score line was 3-2 Bale had an opportunity to make it 4-2 as he had passed the last defender but his shot was just an inch away from the goal. It was just a glimpse of his ability and with more game in his name his sharpness will bring much more to this team.

It was long ago when he played his last game and its result was seen as fatigue was clearly seen in his movement. The regular game time will bring back his match fitness and that will surely unleash the old Gareth Bale.

Managers Words after the Game

I think you can imagine how frustrated I am and how frustrated the players are, but that’s football. Unfortunately it’s football for us in a negative way and in positive way for them but that’s football.

It’s easier for me to praise them than criticise us. It’s easier for me to analyse internally and discuss with the players than speak about it and my feelings now.

I prefer to say that they had incredible belief and probably they scored that first goal when they didn’t have that belief.

That game at that moment was like that, with Winks on the pitch the team gained again that stability that we had. We were very much comfortable, we were in control. Then the first half appeared and everything changed.

We were not then good enough or strong enough to cope with the last ten minutes.